Different types of hydrangeas
There are different types of hydrangeas. Did you know that a number of hydrangea varieties were brought to the Netherlands by the Dutch trading fathers in the 16th and 17th centuries? Later, a number of species came from America and Asia, but we certainly had an influence on them.

Plant in which month?
It is best to plant a hydrangea in the spring or autumn. Keep March and October or November before that as a guideline and make sure you plant the hydrangea before it freezes. In the summer is also possible, but then the plant must be extra well cared for, so that the young plant survives.

Where do you place a hydrangea in the garden?
The most ideal place for a hydrangea is in partial shade. In full shade, the hydrangea often gets few flowers and in full sun, the plant needs a lot more water. Especially in hot weather. You can also plant a hydrangea in a pot, then you can – depending on the position of the sun – move the pot with the hydrangea.

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