Fixing Broken Links On Your Website

So Why Bother Fixing Broken Links On Your Website ?

I recently re-bought an old domain I owned previously and had been bought by someone else trying to steal my links an previous rank in local searches ,so  I waited 2 years for that domain to come back on the market to get my domain back and saved all the back ups in the meantime .Once rebuilt I noticed the site was receiving alot of visitors coming to my site to posts that some how had been lost during the migration of the back ups and images I had kept .

So after that I researched a little about fixing broken links on your website I noticed I couldnt really find the information I wanted .But what I found to be available was mainly on the topic of finding broken links on other sites ,recreating the content or similar and offering the new link to the webmaster hosting the broken link as an alternative place to find similar information .A touch hit and miss I must say but an effective way to generate traffic and  gain natural backlinks , You can read more about this method here at Ahrefs blog .

A very interesting read ,and while reading it made me think how could I use  this method to stop people leaving my site as soon as they saw the 404 error page ,not a good first impression for a web designer .Fortunately ive had the same Facebook fan page since 2011 so I visited that and found  that not only were the original links there but also the full title of each and every post I had created .Now this was going to be easy .If I combined these links with the Ahrefs idea to use the Wayback Machine i wouldnt even have to recreate the content .

Ok so lets go to the Wayback Machine and see what I can find when I  add

steves designs way back machine march 3rd

So looks like they have a copy of my post dated March 3rd 2015 ,nice .

Ok so the image is pretty poor but with the words high lighted you can see not only do I now have all the content ,but I also have the exact date that it was published ,so easy peasy then . Now recreating this post is a 10 second job after all and I can set the date to the original date ,just like its always been there .

Theres no reason why you couldnt use this same method with any domain name you may buy and for what ever reasons that maybe ,but the intentions here are purely white hat and used to recreate content on a site I already owned .

So Why Bother Fixing Broken Links On Your Website ?

Broken links are bad for your reputation and Seo ,and most importantly ,your websites user experience ,so fixing broken links is an important part of your on site Seo.