Project Comet Is a Start to Finish UX App

Those clever people at Adobe are about to roll out there latest and equally impressive project ,aptly named Project Comet ,and is thought to be being released in early 2016 and its an all singing all dancing tool thats said to be a start to finish app for UX Design .Shown off at this months annual Adobe MAX Conference, and from what we are told it looks like a gift for all UX designers .By all intents and purposes its a website and app building tool with WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) capability ,so that web design agencies can simply glide from wire framing ,working on the interface design and prototyping all in just one digital place .This means that if Project Comet works as its promised too ,it has the potential to solve some very long standing issues in web design , issues that frankly most of us never thought was an issue ,but just part of the process of web design until Adobe came up with the remedy .

Repeat Grid , one of the features thats already built into Project Comet ,lets designers create just one set of elements ,like a text or image box ,save that element and then copy that element over and over again ,whenever its needed .It will allow designers to drag and drop text and graphics ,wherever they wish .This will help to shorten or even cut out some of the more repetitive and time consuming work thats needed time after time when building any basic website or app ,freeing up web designers to be more creative with their precious time and resources .Web designers that work to one or two templates or designs will be able to turn websites out with just a few clicks of the mouse once these particular elements have been made and saved in the database . Knowing Adobe as we do ,Project Comet will most likely completely change our outlook to web design and should secure the Adobe brand name for many more years to come .