Removing Footer Links In Customizr Theme

Ready Made Child Theme For Customizr

So you`ve  installed the free  version of Customizr and now your stuck on how to remove the footer credits ? Even after checking out the footer php file in your WordPress admin panel . Well luckily theres two ways you can do this ,you can either add this code below to your theme by adding it to the custom css section of your theme ,usually found under the general settings tab ,additional css :


visibility: hidden;

or you can create a child theme ,a much better way unless you wont mind doing this after each theme update .

What Is A Child Theme ?

A Child theme is a reflection of a theme. Although any changes you make to the reflection theme will not affect the original or parent theme .

Adding a child theme is the better option of the two and nothing will change from your original set up if ever theres an upgrade to the customizr theme .

To create a child theme just follow these simple steps and you will have created your very first child theme for WordPress .

Step 1: Create a folder and name it  customizr-child
Step 2: Now create a file in notepad or notepad ++ call it  style.css
Step 3: Open the style.css and write the below information

 Theme Name: Optimizer Child
 Template: optimizer

Step 4: Next you should create a file called  functions.php and paste the code below to import the parent themes style.

 add_action( wp_enqueue_scripts, enqueue_child_theme_styles, PHP_INT_MAX);
 function enqueue_child_theme_styles() {
  wp_enqueue_style( parent-style, get_template_directory_uri()./style.css );
Step 5: Last thing is to create a Zip file from the folder and upload it via Appearance -> Themes -> Add New

Step 6: Activate the theme.

Congratulations ! you did it .

or you can take the even easier option for removing footer links In Customizr theme and download my file thats ready to go .Just upload and activate after adding your own links to the funtions.php file .Still having issues ? Contact me here