Think About Your Website Visitors

Its all well and good having a fantastic looking website ,and when your laying out alot of money on your online image who wouldnt want a great piece of realestate ,but at the end of the day the real thing to think about here is the user ,can they find what they landed on your site looking for . It really does seem something that alot of webmasters and web design agencies seem to think about as a secondary necessity .If your user is made to wait while your sluggish website loads or they cant instantly see where too find you or even send you an enquiry ,then they will click that back and look somewhere else .

Theres a whole list of other local businesses just like the first one on any search engine and people that are searching online are not known to be very patient to see what you may have to offer . A great deal of these searches are also now made on mobile devices so a responsive design is also very important . I dont know about you ,but i find it very annoying to browse a website if i have to keep dragging everything from left to right just read the whole description . To gain new customers online ,you have to continually win their hearts and minds by providing them with a nice user experience .

More customers will be willing to purchase and better still ,be returning customers if a website is easy to navigate . On average , companies that provide a nicer user experience online ,will have around 14% more customers who are willing to consider them for their purchases than other companies that are in the same niche that offer users a poor customer experience .
More customers will be willing to purchase.
A website that provides a user with the ability to easily search for something by size and colour for example ,is always going to be a very useful factor ,but if it takes alot of unnecessary clicks to order that item the overall usability of the site is lacking and could well cost a sale .
Remember ,that a well designed website can have up to a 200% higher visit to order conversion rate than a poorly designed or slow loading website ,visitor to lead conversion rates can be over 400% higher on a website with a better thought out user experience .

Read my article “Better By Design” for more ideas , always remember to think about your website visitors and not spiders or bots .