Your Business Needs an Online Strategy

As important as it is that your business has its own website , that should not be where your online thinking ends but where it begins .Having a website will give you that online presence that was needed ,but it may not bring you to much business if nobody knows that you have one .You will need to spread the word every way you can think of ,obviously you will add your www. to your business cards and leaflets when you get your next printing done ,but how else can you promote your new piece of online real-estate ?

Facebook and Twitter are pretty obvious choices but they will need to be maintained by adding fresh content at regular intervals to be of any real use ,especially Twitter which updates with other peoples tweets at an alarming rate . You can link both of these services to your website so that whenever you add something new it will update your feed on both your Twitter profile and your Facebook wall ,cutting out the need to actually log in to do it manually with a number of different free services ,and although huge numbers are thrown at business owners about marketing on either of these platforms ,in the UK at least ,not a huge amount of business will be gained from social medial platforms in the majority of cases .Im not saying you cant gain business from marketing on Facebook ,but you will need to pay for ads if you want it to work without putting hundreds of hours into gaining fans and keeping them entertained .

Do build a fan page on Facebook and a Twitter profile ,make them look nice with your company logo and fill in all your details ,make sure they link back to your website and your website links back to your page and do keep them updated ,but I wouldnt expect the flood of traffic and leads that a social media marketer would promise you ,not unless you are selling a one off product or you are the only outlet for a brand new hot product .

Social media wise ,most you effort should be on your Google+ business page ,if you dont have one then get one .The majority of your business will most likely be local business ,people searching for something that are only 3,4 or 6 miles away , gaining that business should be where most your effort should really be concentrated ,make your business page look like your running a professional outfit and verify it ,usually by adding a code they send you in the post .Most likely this has already put you streets ahead of alot of UK businesses ,who frankly ,still seem to be blind to the benefit of having a website .

The website itself should be easy for visitors to navigate their way around . The visitor should have no issue finding what they want ,and shouldnt have to go through a lot of searching around to find what they are looking for ,whether thats a product or your company privacy policy . You also need a menu bar so that people can search by category ,that may help them speed up the process in finding what they are looking for if you offer alot of products or services you may also have other offers that are similar that they could find interesting .
Also try to make the site easy on the eyes , and make sure that your site is also a “responsive” site . That means you want it to show up properly on mobile phones and tablets . Around 70% of the people that go online to search for a local business are using these devices so a responsive site is more than just important . Just making sure that it shows up “OK” is not in your best interest either .Most of the web design agencies in Birmingham are already offering a mobile version to there clients but just check with them if they are going to offer it for and is it free ?

Another great online strategy for your website to keep in mind is time ,the longer your website is online the more it will be trusted and that will naturally reflect in the amount of people that look for your website .